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OPI, the largest US nail-polish manufacturer, partnered up with one of the most prestigious Graphic Design & Marketing studious on the planet; MediaMonks. Tasked by MediaMonks to come up with concepts for their client OPI, a refresh to their online web-store product page was conceptualized, alongside a newer, modern take on their “Try it On” experience; where prospective buyers can try on their nail-polish online, digitally.

In addition, MediaMonks, on behalf of OPI asked for a redesign to their product page, alongside a presentation deck, demonstrating and documenting each design decision one took.

Project Coverage

  • Iconography

  • UX-focused High-fidelity Mockups for Product Page

  • UI-focused High-fidelity Mockups for "Try it On" feature.

  • Brand Guideline Compliant Color Research

  • Advanced Process & Purpose Documentation

  • Instagram Page Button
  • Facebook Page Button