The Lagoon Jewels name came from its Founder Joanna's Piscean yearnings and her love for the ocean. Water has a lot to do with how our precious Mother Earth creates her gems. We are the lucky recipients of this magic! Jewelry has always been woven through out my Joanna's, working in both retail and design.


She loves symbols, horoscopes and ancient alchemy, words of wisdom, celestial, elements and emblems. Pendants, charms and medallions make up the heart of her collection. Necklaces are powerful statements and lay close to our hearts, symbolically and literally. Fine jewelry is real and real is rare in a culture that has gotten so used to throwing things away. Why wear jewelry that will fall apart or change colors? Gold is real and can be passed down to the next generation. Wear what makes you feel great and collect what speaks to you.

As EnyoStudios we wanted to blend the cosmos with the chemical to make a very, very big and unique Jewelry brand based in Los Angeles even better.

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