Designer. Developer.

A tech-wizard and outstanding designer. Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Dash moved to Los Angeles, California in 2018 and has during his time there graduated with a degree in Design Communication Arts at UCLA, started an entertainment brand and has freelanced and volunteered for several brands and organizations. Specializing in Brand Strategy, Graphic Design,

Web Development and User Experience.


Accompanied by a vast knowledge in Philosophy and Psychology, Dash is an invaluable asset to any company and client as he displays a constant volley of determination and pure, raw proficiency.

Creative Director. Designer.

Cilga has long been an advocate for unique cosmopolitan ideas due to having lived in Istanbul, Turkey and graduating from the University of the Arts London in Media Communications and Arts with a minor in Sociology and Psychology. Cilga moved to New York City as an art director for Abbott NYC, a start-up designer fragrance brand. After proving to have a keen eye for detail, Cilga moved to Los Angeles to further refine her design skills with a degree in Design Communication Arts at UCLA. Her work exhibits passion, originality and conceptual understanding. Through her expert skills in visual identity design, Cilga strives to create an inspirational and attractive environment for a discerning audience.

Our Mission

EnyoStudios is founded on the basis of skill, merits and efficiency. When our designers get to work, they ensure that the output they produce for their clients is unmatched on the market and crafted with careful attention to detail to match a bigger picture for each individual brand.

Founded in 2019, EnyoStudios is comprised of two world-class creatives; Cilga Yesilyaprak, the epitome of planning and execution and Dash, the systematic implementor. Together, Cilga and Dash, alongside a slew of other creative masterminds cumulate into the defining qualities of the EnyoStudios brand.

We are all here to change the world of design and elevate what's considered beautiful to new unreached heights.

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